Ayurveda - What is it?

Ayurveda is a holistic health system that emphasizes diet and lifestyle
as ways to balance your body and unfurl your spirituality. Ayurveda is
complimertary to and supportive of traditional western medicine.
Less interested in treating symptoms, Ayurveda cures by removing
the cause of disease. Ayurveda believes that by balancing the
various mind-body functions, the natural intelligence of the body will
automatically bring itself to wellness.

Your Ayurvedic Consultation – What to expect
Your Ayurvedic practitioner is trained to ‘read’ the body and prevent disease
from developing. They will examine your pulse, tongue, eyes, nails and skin.
You will be asked questions about your past and present state of health and
your family history. This information will be compiled and a ‘program of health’
prescribed. You will be taught how to 'read' your own body and how to correct
imbalances when they occur. You will learn how to heal yourself.

Origin -  Ayurveda is rooted in India’s most beloved scriptures - the Vedas-
which date back to about B.C.1500.  Ayurveda, literally “The Science of Life”
was revealed to the holy bards or Rishis of ancient India during deep
meditation. These Rishis culled their information from the Cosmos. Ayurveda
is cosmic wisdom.

Ayurveda is the ultimate in holistic sciences because it takes into account
both a cosmic and individualistic perspective when approaching an individual.
There is an indwelling, unified field of intelligence which governs the
functioning of the body. The goal of all therapeutics is to enliven this
intelligence, to wake it up, which leads to self-repair, self-healing.It views man
as a microcosm of the macrocosm, each with a unique expression that
requires individualized treatment.

Health – to be healthy according to Ayurveda, it is not enough to have our
physiology balanced and operating harmoniously. The closer we match our
daily routines with the rhythms of Nature the more we incline ourselves
towards good health.        

The Heart of Ayurveda is about falling in Love,  with ourselves, our fellow
humans and our environment. It is about developing a friendly relationship
with all we encounter. It's about living in connection with our indwelling spirit.
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