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Chi Nei Tsang - What is it?

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is a Taoist method of healing that gives emphasis
to the belly, breath and touch. The belly is seen as the store house
for undigested emotions; the breath and touch are the means of
resolving them. CNT is an opportunity to be in the sanctuary of
yourself and to experience your breath as a healing presence.

Chi Nie Tsang -
literally, Internal Organs Energy Transformation - is the art
of internal healing through applied Chi Kung. Chi Nei Tsang (pronounced
CHEE-NEE-Sahng) was developed thousands of years ago in China and is
still being practiced today. It gives focus to the abdomen, the center of our
body and the place from which our power, vitality and movements originates.
The abdomen is also where we bury our unresolved emotions.

The navel is given particular importance in Chi Nei Tsang. Our navel is
where we were connected, and disconnected from our mothers. It is our
original wound and consequently an area where toxins and congestion
Our navel is a map of the entire human body and the Chi Nei Tsang
practitioner is trained to “read” this map. Its unique shape and size tells a
story the body is trying to communicate.
The navel is the root of the fascia and the 72,000 nadis and therefore the
access point to the entire body.

Your Chi Nei Tsang Treatment - What to expect
In a Chi Nei Tsang treatment, you are invited to lay on your back with pillows
propping up your knees. You are clothed, with only the area between your
ribs and lower abdomen exposed. A safe, deep and gentle touch is applied
directly to your abdomen. Treatments are focused and your breath is directed
to wherever the practitioner's hands move.

How it works
When life presents us with an emotionally intense situation, one we feel we
cannot handle or digest, we bury it in our ‘underbelly’. This undigested
emotion is now a solid ‘substance’ in our system and creates a blockage to
the flow of chi. To avoid ill health and disease, this energetic charge needs to
be physically processed.
Through touch, a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner can access these undigested
charges. Through the breath and awareness of the client, they are released.
A Chi Nei Tsang treatment allows for an immense amount of detoxification to
happen on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Healing through Feeling - We can only process what we allow ourselves to
feel. During a CNT treatment, unpleasant feelings may arise. Healing
happens when we are willing to feel the feelings and stay with them until they
dissipate. Transformation occurs as the held energy is released and felt.

Who Benefits? Anyone committed to self-healing will benefit from Chi Nei
Tsang. It is a holistic therapy that cares less about symptoms and more about
why people have symptoms. As we heal, our symptoms resolve. That said,
most ailments can be treated through Chi Nei Tsang. Conditions such as
indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, depression, constipation,
fertility issues, chronic fatigue, trauma - emotional and physical, grief and

Applied Chi Kung refers to the transmitting of life force energy from the
practitioner to the student. “Chi” can be translated as energy + information,
and “kung” as work or mastery. So we have the application and mastery of
energy work.

Parting Note - Chi Nei Tsang and Applied Chi Kung help reprogram the
whole person on a cellular level. They are truly effective in our healing and