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Marian O'Dowd, RN
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Window Of Change   
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We are born from the Great Mystery and enter life through the window of birth. In
time, our window on earth closes and we return to the Great Mystery.

In between, we live, we change and we are changed.
We journey together through this window of Change, sharing in the preciousness
of life.
  • How do we live well and make choices that bring us closer to what we are?
  • How do we nurture our spirit and lighten our hearts?
  • How do we align our bodies with our consciousness?

Window of Change and you
~  Window of Change
is a comprehensive program of healing modalities that
invites you to go inward,  to fall in Love with yourself and heal into the Love that
you are.

~ Window of Change believes that transformation happens as you meet yourself
in your own loving  space and that Love is a pervasive healing energy that comes
from within.

~ Window of Change also believes that every part of us - our spirit, mind and
body - is profoundly interconnected and that to heal the Whole requires a multi-
dimensional approach.

How do you know you are healing? You become more loving.

Our program will support you as a whole person, from the foods you eat -
which are tailored to your specific constitution - to the opportunity to rest a while
inside yourself and allow healing to happen.

Our program integrates four healing modalities:

                               •   Ayurveda
                               •   Chi Nei Tsang
                               •   Marma Therapy
                               •   Life Coaching

     Are you ready to fall in love with your Self?

At Window of Change, we empower you to heal yourself. We are dedicated to your
happiness and  well-being and, together, we find the path that leads you towards
the fulfilling life that is your birthright.

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