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Window of Change
Life Coaching at Window of Change

Life Coaching - What is it?

Life Coaching is about self discovery, awareness and choice, where
the focus is on YOU, the client. It is a specific form of conversation
that keeps YOU at its center. What are your needs, your desires,
your dreams, your goals in life?

The Client
Is honored as the expert in their life.
  Is held as creative, resourceful and whole.

The coach Helps people discover what they want to achieve.
  Elicits client-generated solutions and strategies.
  Holds the client responsible and accountable.

Life Coaching at Window of Change

At  Window of Change we ask powerful questions that send you inward for
answers. You hold a deep wisdom within and we will guide you on a journey
of inner exploration. This inward looking will bring you to a richer
understanding of who you are and what you want to accomplish in life.

Life Purpose

Life Coaching gives emphasis to a person's 'life purpose'. As human
beings, there is inherent purpose to our living which is to embody our
innate goodness. As individuals, we have unique talents and gifts to bring
to the world. We have a sense of being ‘on track’ when we are living in
alignment with our gifts.

At Window of Change we understand that making changes in your life is
challenging and that your body, mind and spirit must be addressed for
change to sustain. The multidimensional healing program offered at
Window of Change will effect lasting change.