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Marma Therapy - Marma Chikitsa

Marma therapy
is the art of touching
an individual in specific areas of the
body, (marma points) for the purpose
of healing. These points act as portals
to your inner being. It is a healing
therapy that developed in ancient
times in India.

A marma, is a vital energy point
located on the surface of the body.
Ayurvedic texts identify 117 principal
marmani, 75 of which are exactly the
same as the acupoints in Traditional
Chinese Medicine (TCM)
These marma points are centers of
vitality and intelligence. They are
infused with life force and imbued with
consciousness. Their healing effect on
the body is far reaching because they
serve as 'portals' to the body’s
inherent wisdom and healing energy.

How it works

When marma points are touched,
either with gentle or deep pressure,
depending on the circumstance, a
complex bio chemical and neuro-
electrical activity is initiated. This
impulse passes through the marma
point to underlying organs and
tissues, balancing energy and healing
the body. A skilled, compassionate
touch to these vital centers, elicits
deep healing.  Body and mind come
into ease.
Benefits of Marma Therapy

The benefits of Marma Therapy are
many and include:

  • Overall body balance. It
    balances the doshas (the
    governing principles in our
    bodies), it balances the tissues
    and it balances our hormones
    and emotions
  • Stimulates the flow of Prana (life
    force energy)
  • Enhances organ function
  • Improves circulation and
  • Promotes optimal secretions
    and excretions
  • Decreases congestion
  • Relieves organ stress
  • Balances the subtle energies
    that govern cellular metabolism
  • Enhances intracellular
    communication and improves
    cellular intelligence, metabolism
    and immune function
  • Relieves pain
  • Improves appetite and digestion
  • Promotes detoxification and
    cleanses the body
  • Improves metabolism,
    circulation, nutrition and
  • Calms the mind and decreases
  • Stimulates emotional digestion
  • Enhances Awareness.